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Monthly Archives: October 2016

I read a short, but fairly scathing, article on Nutritionists in The Guardian today. I’ll be honest, it felt like a personal attack but I could also appreciate some of the concerns raised – for those os us operating credibly after years of training, we also have some of the same frustrations. The article covered concerns that the industry is promoting fad diets that cost a fortune and don’t deliver results, whilst also claiming that the industry isn’t regulated. In reality just about anyone can refer to themselves as a Nutritionist having completed an online course for less than £50 […]
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In this short video clip Dr Chatterjee talks passionately about the need to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle knowledge and interventions into the NHS. I’m really interested to hear what you think. I have no reservations in setting my stall out on this one. As you would expect I wholeheartedly agree with the proposal, truly believing in the power of both nutrition and lifestyle for our health and wellbeing. Of course it’s not necessarily an easy change to make in such a massive and already strained NHS. However I believe that supporting our dedicated teams in the NHS with further knowledge and tools […]
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