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Want to improve your health, but stuck in a rut?   You’ve set yourself some health goals. Ambitious ones – no point in anything different, right? You set out full of great intentions, but then life just gets in the way, or even though it felt good to do something different, you haven’t kept up with the new habits and you’re not sure why. And to top it all off, you’re mean to yourself because you didn’t complete what you set out to do. Sound familiar? You’re not alone, I promise you!   First things first, time to give yourself […]
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Hello there! I can’t quite believe that it’s 18 months since I last wrote a blog. I know I’ve been active on social media here and there, but really sitting down and writing – well, it’s been a while.   Sometimes things happen in life that takes us down a different path. It can be daunting, frustrating, exciting and surprising – all at once. You know what I’m talking about, you’ll have been there!     It’s been a rollercoaster! I wanted to share a little more about this period because it’s very relevant to the work I do, the […]
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