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Health Testing

Get a Deep Understanding of Your Health

Working with reputable laboratories in the UK I often run health tests as an additional service to my health programmes, enabling a deep understanding of any underlying issues and allowing targeted protocols to be put in place.

Clients find it both interesting and empowering to have this level of information, and know that what they are putting in place through lifestyle and nutrition will make a difference.

I also know that sometimes clients just want to have some tests run without engaging in a supported programme. In response to this I am delighted to say that I can support you with one-off testing and interpretation, giving you the information to act upon.

Home Health Testing

The significant majority of testing that I use involves collecting samples in the comfort of your own home, whether that be finger prick blood testing, saliva samples, or stool samples. The kit gets sent to your home and once you have provided your samples you simply post them to the lab. Simple!

Tests Available

An enormous range of tests are available covering a whole range of functions and areas of health. The tests that I tend to run most frequently include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutritional Profile Assessments – a comprehensive review of your nutritional status
  • Adrenal Stress Profiles – understanding your stress and sleep hormone profiles
  • Advanced Thyroid Screening – a broad assessment of your thyroid function, often linked to low energy
  • Digestive Health Screening – a critical foundation of health, this test is used to assess much more than your gut feeling
  • Female Hormone Profiles – a critical and complex area brought to life, helping to understand any imbalances
  • Vitamin D levels – testing is key to understanding supplement dosage requirements
  • Food intolerance assessment – determining if there are foods that you are reacting to and need to manage

Health Testing Service – What’s Provided?

  • Free Enquiry Call – to determine your areas of interest and objectives from testing, from which I’ll recommend the right tests
  • Health Questionnaire – You will need to complete a short health questionnaire, enabling me to safely recommend tests and appropriately interpret them
  • Completing The Test – you will receive the kit at home, complete your samples, and return by post
  • Reviewing Results –  I receive your results from the lab and will interpret for you, for later discussion
  • Discussing Results – a 45 minute telephone call in which I will share your results, and we will discuss your findings and any nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.



Cost of test + fee for interpretation and recommendations.

Once we know which test is most appropriate for you I will be able to provide with the cost of the test which you will pay directly to the lab.

My fee will depend on the test itself given the vast range of complexity between them – I will be able to provide that as soon as we know which test is right for you.

Next Steps

If you are interested in Health Testing please contact me through the form below and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

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