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Nutritional Supplement Review

Our priority should always be to get the right nutrients from a high quality real-food diet.

Nevertheless, there are lots of factors at play that mean it’s often unlikely we aren’t getting the full amounts or range that we need.

As with food, supplements come in all different forms and qualities. If you’re going to invest in supplements there’s no point doing it with something that your body can’t recognise. I know, it’s a minefield!

I work with high quality professional brands that I have real confidence in – the ones that your body will recognise and be able to absorb.

Supplement Review

If all you’re wanting is a Nutritional Supplement Review then I’ll ask you to complete a short form covering health status, your objectives, current supplements and any medications you are taking.

I will put together written supplement recommendations for you, including specific brands and dosage. Any interactions with medications will be fully reviewed to ensure all recommendations are safe.

You will have access to my online supplier with my 10% discount code for purchasing the supplements with ease. I’ll even put them all in the shopping cart ready for you.



Supplement Review – £47-£87 dependent on your requirements


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