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Signature Programme: The Vitality Upgrade

Overcome Fatigue, Stress and Brain Fog to Live the Life You Desire

If you’re fed-up of feeling tired and depleted, are struggling with brain fog, have simply lost your mo-jo, and are ready to make your health and happiness a priority, then The Vitality Upgrade is just for you!

I get it – you’re super busy, on-the-go, want to live your greatest life, yet your health is holding you back. Frustrating isn’t a strong enough word!

You want your energy, resilience and sharpness to be top notch so you can do and achieve all you want to with enthusiasm and a smile that’s real.

I’ll work with you one-on-one to create a game plan that will get you back on track before you know it. I’ll be right by your side to work through it step by step.

I’m all for making it simple and easy – in how we work together, in what I suggest you focus on, and how we maintain momentum.

What’s included?

This 10-session programme includes:

  • 10 x 60-minute video call coaching sessions one-to-one with me
  • Covers a duration of 10-20 weeks to suit the momentum you need
  • Email support throughout
  • Handouts and resources

What will The Vitality Upgrade cover

Whilst each session will unfold based on your current health, goals and personal progress a typical programme will cover some of these subjects, dependent on what’s most relevant to you and your needs:

  • Setting Your Sights
    • Knowing where you’re at, why you’re here and what’s been holding you back
    • Knowing where you want to go and why
    • Setting yourself up for success
    • Getting motivated
  • Elevating Your Energy
    • Exploring nutrition, lifestyle, routines, habits and more
    • Simple changes to get that energy lifted quickly and sustainably
    • Identifying and tackling your energy zappers
  • Nutrition for Vitality
    • Exploring a vitality-promoting diet and the benefits of simplicity
    • Knowing what foods are right for you and why
    • Getting mindful around food
    • Resources for healthy eating success
  • Raising Your Resilience
    • Understanding stress and resilience – and what it means to you
    • Exploring your stressors and how to combat them with simple techniques
    • Prioritising relaxation and calm and knowing what this looks like for you
  • Sound Sleeping
    • Strategies to help you get more sleep of a high quality
    • Simple tweaks that you can make right now
    • Exploring how sleep benefits you and your life
  • Banishing Brain Fog
    • Nourishing your brain with foods, routines and habits
    • Strategies for memory and concentration
    • Giving your brain a break
  • Delving Into Digestion
    • Exploring the fascinating world of the gut
    • Tweaks for better digestive health
    • How to nourish your gut for long term health
  • Happy Hormone Health
    • Exploring the intriguing world of hormones and where you’re at
    • Techniques for keeping hormones balanced
    • How food and lifestyle can improve your mood
  • Maintaining Momentum
    • Locking in new habits
    • Creating your self-care tool-kit
    • Overcoming your obstacles
    • Celebrating success

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