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The Summer of You: 21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot


Be Your Best You, The Easy Way, Right Now



Starting Friday 27 July 2018


Whether you’re at work, at home, on holiday, even trekking in the outback

Be Your Best You – Right Now, Today!


Well, you know what, we’re going to help you achieve just that and can’t wait to start! It’s going to be fun, easy-peasy, time-efficient and enable you to have it all – this is THE SUMMER OF YOU.

No more waiting for something to have happened for you to be able to really enjoy yourself and love life……how many times do you hear phrases like this?

  • “once the kids have finished school term/holidays, then I’ll…..”
  • “once I’ve got through this busy phase at work, then I can…..”
  • “once I’ve dropped a dress size, then I’ll be comfortable to…..”
  • “once I’ve sorted the house out, then I’ll…..”
  • “once we’ve had our holiday, then I’ll think about….”


It’s time to stop that – tomorrow never comes, yesterday is long past, make the most of today – you’ll never regret making that shift in life.


And no matter how busy you are, we promise you, you’ll have time for this. Doing this will even create time in your busy day!


You are amazing and deserving as you are right now, no matter what state of health, what size/shape of body, what position you have at work, what you’re wearing, how busy you are, how many roles you play! Agree?


We all deserve to make the very most of every day, experiencing joy and fulfilment – so let’s do just that.


And you know what, it’s totally possible through the routines and habits we put in place – nothing has to be uber complicated – we assure you this can be super-easy and time-efficient.


Come on let’s face it, we don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours wading through a load of hype, fads and conflicting advice.


So this is what we’re doing, using all our experience and knowledge as highly successful and experienced coaches, mentors, wellness pioneers, business leaders, life-lovers, and real women who also ride the roller coaster of life!


👉 21 days – just enough time to instil life-changing habits

👉 Private facebook group

👉 A proven system of healthy short-cuts to living life as your best you

👉 Daily live interactions with Deb & Zara providing insights, hacks, tasks and challenges

👉 Weekly live Q&A’s with Deb & Zara – ask whatever you want

👉 Challenge and accountability for doing things differently and stepping outside your comfort zone – with our safety net beneath you

👉 Fabulous group of like-minded people to joyously and curiously share the journey with

👉 All in bite-size chunks of time – designed with the super-busy, spinning-many-plates, kind of woman

👉 Everything’s recorded and available – if you miss a live, you can just hop on later


If you’ve got here, then this is for you!

Habit number 1 – seize the moment, put yourself first and do this right now.


This is a small investmentfor a big transformation

We’re all about reaching as many of you as possible, helping you be your best you the easy way – today!


Only £39for access to:

  • 2 qualified coaches highly skilled and passionate at working with busy, ‘ambitious-for-life’ women – we’ll guide, support and challenge you whilst holding you accountable for what you want
  • 21 days to enjoying your best summer yet with a proven system of healthy habits
  • Amazing insight and short-cuts to create healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime
  • A community of like-minded women sharing experiences, challenges, ideas and support
  • As much fun as you want it to be – lots of laughter encouraged alongside the serious stuff!

That’s less than £2 a day!


Click here to buy now and be your best you

You’ll receive a payment notification and be added to the private facebook group by 26 July


Got a question? Message us on facebook or email us at [email protected]


And if you can’t wait to get started, click here for your FREE guide to Energy Boosters!


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