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Vitale Health is Changing…

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Why I’m Changing and Re-Branding my Business


The Journey So Far…..

Vitale Health has been in operation for nearly 4 years now and it’s been a fabulous journey that I’m really proud of.

I took a real leap of faith in taking a very different career path; I’m proud of doing so and grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported me along the way – you all know who you are!

After 3 years back at college and qualifying in Nutritional Therapy back in 2015, I’ve since had the privilege of supporting many wonderful clients to improve their health, wellbeing and vitality. It’s truly fulfilling work when you know you’re making a difference.

I’ve also discovered more about my passions and specialist subjects when it comes to health, what people really need and want, and I’ve been able to evolve my services to bring it all together.

When it comes to Health Coaching I feel like I can really serve my clients well through a robust range of services and an approach that works.


The Next Chapter

So don’t worry, I’m still going to be doing all of the above!

AND I’m going to be doing a few other things too. Well actually I’m already doing them, so it’s more that I’m making it official.

I’ve started doing more work with organisations and I want to continue doing so, alongside my private client work. 1-2-1 Coaching, Workshops and Talks in the areas of Personal Effectiveness (in work and life) have started to creep into my schedule and I’m really loving it.

I feel it’s the perfect time and opportunity to bring together under one roof my experience as a Business Leader, a Coach and a Nutritional Therapist – and I couldn’t be more excited about it.


What’s Changing?

I’ll tell you more over the coming weeks as things happen, but what you’ll see changing is my company name, my positioning and branding, my expanded suite of services to include support for organisations.

It’s exciting times for me as I move my business forward, bring together all of my skills and expertise and deliver value for organisations and private clients alike.

As always I know I’ll have your support which I’m always deeply grateful for – thank you!


Watch this space…… 😁

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