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What’s the difference between Stress and Magic Knickers?!

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What’s the difference between stress and magic knickers? Not Much!!


It starts in the changing room

If you’ve ever had experience of testing out the promises of those contour shaping enormous briefs/shorts that claim to give you a smooth perfect shape, then you might know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, read on for amusement.

You’re in the changing rooms, usually of a department store, with little room, an excessive amount of heat, a flimsy curtain that always has gaps down the side, and mirrors in all the places you don’t want for what’s ahead.

There they are. Hung on the wall saying “go on, I dare you!”. Time to limber up and somehow try these things on for size and wait to look like Jennifer Lopez at the end of it.

You get your feet in and haven’t a clue how you’re going to get them over your calves and knees, never mind the wider bits. You nearly fall through the curtain as your ankles are now tied together with the strongest elastic to ever be manufactured.

Through a range of movements, wiggles, mini jumps and thrutches you finally get them to the top of your thighs. Your blood supply is slowly being cut-off. You might even sit down for a rest – this is exhausting!

Final stretch – literally. With your final efforts and moves you never want to repeat you get them where they need to be. YES! PHEW!

The area covered by this magical item of clothing is indeed smooth and ‘countoured’. Probably less a few blood vessels, but yes contoured.

But what’s this?! You are now faced with a bulging shelf above and below said item of clothing. No, no, no this is definitely not the look I was going for. This is definitely not the Lopez look. This is mortifying!

Now to try and get them off – Oh! My! Word! 🤣😳🤣


Stress Doesn’t Have a Quick Fix

Sorry! I wish it did. I REALLY wish it did.

Hopefully that story has given you a giggle, but do you see where I’m coming from?

The build up to a long term stress is a tough one – it takes effort, grind and sometimes blood, sweat and tears.

You’re looking for the quick fixes to help you feel better because you’ve no time for much else. And let’s face it, that’s easier than having to address the root cause.

And just when you’re expecting a good result, the effects of stress pop out somewhere as an unpleasant surprise – the sniffles, fatigue, low mood, brain fog, upset digestion, irritability, anxiety….. a health event or a behaviour shift that seems outside of your control.

You can attempt to mask stress all the time, but it will always find a way to present itself unless you get to the heart of the issue.


You just need a new way – and there is one – yeah!

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