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What is Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching?

Nutritional Therapy

  • The promotion of optimal health, vitality and wellbeing through changes in nutrition and lifestyle – it is more than just the absence of illness
  • Review the whole person, not just the symptoms, in order to help identify underlying causes and system imbalances
  • A therapy underpinned by science and uses the principles of Functional Medicine
  • A recognised complementary therapy (E.g. GP’s can refer to CNHC registered practitioners)
  • Can support just about any system of the body and associated condition, E.g. digestion, energy, hormone balance, stress management, weight management, sports performance, mental health ­ and many more.

Health Coaching

  • Nutrition and health habits have been formed over a lifetime and to change often requires a real shift to how we live every day and the choices we make
  • Through health coaching clients are supported to make the changes, informed by the insight of Nutritional Therapy.